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NYSCMA Tek Spec #3.5
New York State Concrete Masonry Association
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Frankfort, NY 13340
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Nick Carparelli, Executive Director

from: Bob Rucker
to: Nicholas F. Carparelli ,
Todd Mcclave ,
Colby DeHoff ,
Jim Buckley ,
Dana Martini ,
Mike Seibold - SCC ,
Tyler McClave
date: Nov 13, 2010
subject: Tek Spec 3.5


See attached electronic version of Tek Spec. 3.5. Thank you for agreeing to serve on a committee to update our NYSCMA Tek Spec 3.5. Our goal is to complete this task by the end of 2010.

Nick Carparelli and I have been assigned, by the NYSCMA Board of Directors, to organize and lead this task. The Board also approved our recommendation to make Tech Spec 3.5 available both in paper print as in the past as well as electronically at no charge going forward. By making it available electronically,of course, ease of distribution will be realized and it will be even more effective than in the past. It is no secret that our CMU producer mambers are very proud to have their NYSCMA logo on this document, recognized industry wide as one of very few high quality referenced standards for fireplace and chimney construction.

There may not be a whole lot that needs to be changed. An update of the cover, perhaps a new picture or two, an updated address, an updated 2011 date of printing and etc. is the easy part. Do we need to make any drawing changes to better illustrate anything? Are there any specification changes to be made with reference to ASTM,building codes, and etc. Do we want to change anything in paragraph form? How can we convey the same message with less words?

Also as briefly discussed many of our CMU producer members and associates are now involved in the manufacture and distribution of masonry ovens, heaters,and etc.,all of which require block,brick,sand,cement,refractory,component parts, and etc. Do we want to develop an insert for the Tech Spec 3.5 for any of these subjects which would contain similar information on, for example, masonry ovens or heaters? I'm thinking that it would something brief on an 8 !/2 x 11 and of course it would need to be genaric, same as the rest of our tech work.

We'll make the following assignments to get started however anyone that wants to make any suggestion about anything is welcome to do so.
Mike,and Dana: Review the drawings and offer any needed changes.
Tyler, Todd, Colbyand Jim: Review the text.
Todd, Jim, Bob and Nick: New pictures,addresses,dates,cover appearance, typeset, color, and etc.
Colby, and Bob: Review of specifications and building code compliance.
Bob, Tyler, Dana, Mike: Review the idea of an insert for Masonry ovens,etc.

Think that is enough to get started. I'll help to facilitate communication  and to get the sub committees started. Please forward any thoughts or ideas or suggested changes on any of this to me by end of Nov.2010..We'll arrange a phone conference for early December as needed.

Nick: For your info Todd Mc Clave, Tyler McClave, Dana Martini, and Mike Siebold all are employees of member Superior Clay. Jim Buckley as you know is affiliated with Superior Clay. Colby Dehoff as you know is with member Whitacre Greer. And of course they all like me.

Kind regards,
Bob Rucker

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From: Nicholas F. Carparelli
To: 'Robert A. Rucker'
Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2010 4:17 PM
Subject: Tek Spec 3.5


As requested, PDF copy of Tek Spec 3.5 attached.

Thanks once again for your support and sponsorship of the NYSCMA Fall MDC! You left the meeting before I could ask whether you wanted the sign. Shall I save it for you?

Best regards,

Nicholas F. Carparelli
LEED Green Associate
Executive Director
NYS Concrete Masonry Association
Phone: 315-254-0518
Fax: 315-883-1342

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