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Which Rumford is Correct?

The Choices

Rumford fireplaces, Rumford-style fireplaces and fireplaces with some Rumford features have been around for more than 200 years. There are masons who's great grandfathers built Rumfords in the 19th century.

Rumford fireplaces are really the starting point for all fireplaces since 1796. All modern fireplaces are derived from or relate to or are compared with Rumford fireplaces in some way.

Rumford Fig. 14, 1796

Of course we think we got it right and do it best but we like the fact that "Rumford" is not proprietary and that many masons build Rumfords - and some also get it right.

Orton Rumfords (see The Orton Variation)
BIA TechNote 19C
Graphic Standards
Proctor Masonry
Rod Bishop
Francis Casini Orton-style Rumfords
Search for "Orton" or "throat" on masons list

Rosin Fireplaces P.O. Rosin's 1939 paper with comments
Rosin Fireplaces by Jerry Frisch
Sleepy Hollow Chimney Supply, Ltd. Bellfires
PriorFire Especially the Construction
Milner Fireplaces English Rosins
Ahren Fire
Mason's Conversions Rosin Hybrids
1994 Rumford with Rosin fireback

Other ways to do it right
Hart-Rumford forms
Sandkuhl Rumfords -pretty much like ours
Pete Caldwell's concrete throat
Brick throat in Costa Rica
Carved stone throat in Alabama
How About an Elliptical Firebox?

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