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"We are not Amazon"

Sometimes our customers call us to tell us there is no way on our store to track their order. That's right. We are a small company that orders from a number of manufacturers and suppliers and we would have to get tracking information from them to pass it on to you.

"We are not Amazon" we find ourselves saying. That's not to demean Amazon. They are a great company with an awsome shopping cart and they do a terrific job in shipping. But we know our products better, offer more techincal support and we are often less expensive.

We try to let customers know how long it will take to receive an order. Some products like the Rumford components, gas logs, dampers or firebrick stain, are in stock and take only a couple of days for our manufacturer or supplier to assemble, package and ship. Other orders are for custom-made products like screens or cooking cranes that may take a month or two to make. We put that kind of information along with the product on the Rumford Store. If you really want to track your order, let us know and we will call our supplier to get a tracking number for you.

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