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Chimney Pots
Here are some pots that fit our Rumford fireplaces, organized by the size of the Rumford so you don't have to waste time sifting through pots that are too small or too large. For pictures and dimensions click on the groups below. Superior Clay manufactures many pots which you can see in their Chimney Pot Gallery. Call 360 385 9974 if you need prices on any besides the ones below.

Pots for Ovens and small flues
Pots for 24" Rumfords
Pots for 30" Rumfords
Pots for 36" Rumfords
Pots for 42" Rumfords
Pots for 48" Rumfords
Pots for 60" Rumfords
Pots for 72" Rumfords

Glaze any pot Sandstone, Black, Salt Glaze, Buff, Slate Gray, Brownstone, Brick Red, Blue or Grey Limestone... $200.00

Rain Guard
Many sizes, round, octangonal or rectangular, to fit any chimney pot or any flue.
Prices above by size group.

Shipping included within the continental US.
Questions, overseas and custom orders call 360 385 9974 or email
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