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If you order a Ferringer Fireplace Cooking Crane the pintles that are built into the firebox for mounting the crane are included.

Pintles are sold separately but, if you are ordering them so they can be built into the firebox before you order a crane, our blacksmith will not guarantee that the crane will fit into the pintles. All cranes are custom and hand-made to order and fitted to the pintles they come with.

Typically the pintles are set in the firebrick mortar joints so that they are about 18" (or four shiner firebrick) apart for the scroll brace and flat brace cranes as shown. The top pin of the crane is about 2" long to allow an inch or so variation in the placement of the pintles.

But, if the crane does not fit when you order it separately, be prepared to re-set the pintles or adjust the pin and/or the pintle with a grinder or file. Our blacksmith will not re-make the crane to fit without an additional charge.

Two alternatives might be to ...

1) Set the firebricks above or below where you expect each pintle to be, in sand or clay instead of refractory mortar. That way, when the crane and pintles arrive, the firebricks can be removed, grooved, if necessary, and reset with the pintles in place with refractory mortar.

2) Forget the pintles and use eye bolts that you can set into the finished firebox walls with masonry anchors.

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