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Clay Bake Ovens
Traditional, Clay Lined Masonry Pizza/Bread Oven Kits, Three Sizes
(How to Decide on What Size)

Superior Clay Ovens are sold by our dealers often at lower prices, especially when you consider the additional materials you will need such as firebrick, brick, stone, concrete or block that are commonly available at your dealer and not included in the kits. If you can't find a dealer to sell you an oven, email us or call us at 360 385 9974 and we will help you find a dealer.

Or you can buy an oven from us on line.

24" Oven ..................... $2,744.00
36" Oven ..................... $4,410.00
48" Oven ..................... $6,346.00

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To ORDER BY PHONE call 360 385 9974
Questions, overseas and custom orders call 360 385 9974 or email
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24" Oven

36" Oven

48" Oven

Oven kits include
Oven dome
Oven Extension Set
Entrance Tunnel
Door or Plug
Refractory mortar
Refractory insulation

Oven Accessories
Wooden Peel
Forged Peel
Firebrick Slabs
Temperature Sensors
Custom Oven Plugs

Ovens can be built inside or outside, stand-alone or in conjunction with a cooking fireplace

Additional materials such as firebrick for the hearth, brick, stone, concrete or block for the base and surround are commonly available locally and not included in the kits.

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