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Date: 7/31/09
To: JIm Buckley
From: Joe
Subject: Metal Chimney

Attached you will see pictures of my chimney which is pretty rusted (20+yrs old). Do you have any connections on the east coast (Gill, MA.) that do this line of work. I can't seem to locate any contractors to repair.



I think it needs to be replaced. Metal chimneys only last 15 or 20 years and you are risking a fire by continuing to use it.

We are in the masonry chimney business, even though we do occasionally sell metal chimneys. If you want to replace it with another cheap metal system (and you will probably have to replace the fireplace or stove too) there are plenty of installers all over the country. Call a local fireplace shop or search the Internet for "manufactured fireplace" or the brand name of you stove or fireplace.

If it were mine I would replace it with a real masonry Rumford fireplace and masonry chimney. It's relatively straight forward to tear it down and start over and we have some suggestions for doing it more easily and less expensively at

Jim Buckley

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