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Note on Wiring for a Rumford Fireplace

Our Rumford fireplace will need about one cubic foot per minute of make-up air for every squar inch of flue area, eg. a 36" Rumford will need about 130 CFM while a 48" Rumford about 220 CFM and a big five foot Rumford about 300 CFM.

The problem is our Rumford fireplaces are not electrical so the home-owner must remember to turn on or turn up the make-up air system when lighting a fire. Here is how the manufactured recommends doing that ...

    Wire a simple wall switch (or other a wire slaved to the big kitchen contact timer) to the L1 and T1 on the D23-TF control board. When the contacts are closed, the fan will run. The heater will energize if the OA temp. is below the setting of the duct stat on the D23-TF board.
We usually recommend that a whole house make-up air systen be installed in the mechanical room. Switching it or controlling it so that it always brings in as much outside air as is needed is the hard part.

Sometimes we recommend installing two make-up air systems. One might be wired to the big kitchen fan, as described above by the manufacture, bringing in as much air as the kitchen fan blows out. The other one might be set on low for general ventilation and the bathroom fans. Then, when the fireplace is in use the home-owner could use a wall switch or a reostate variable control switch (again as described by the manufacture) to turn that second make-up air system up to introduce more outside air for the Rumford fireplace.

Make-up Air Systems

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