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The Rumford Store sells a complete line of Rumford fireplaces, clay ovens and chimney pots as well as "Rumford-specific" items like tall screens, gas logs, etc.

If you are buying Rumford fireplace components, an oven or chimney pot first, check with a Superior Clay dealer. You may have to go there anyway to buy ordinary maonry supplies. If they have the Rumford components, oven or chimney pot you need in stock they should be less expensive. If they don't have what you need in stock maybe we will be less expensive. Masonry materials dealers don't tend to carry the "Rumford related" products.

We use Shopify, an on-line shopping cart, to allow us to sell most of our products on-line. It speeds things up, is more accurate and more secure. When you see the button in The Rumford Store click on it and you will be taken to the secure Shopify shopping cart where you can buy our products with about any credit card or with PayPal.

For complicated or over-seas orders or if you don't see the button or you just have a question or comment email us or call us at 360 385 9974.

Thank you,
Jim Buckley

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