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Rumford Gas Log Instructions

Tipi gas log set
Rumford gas log ets include logs and burner, pan filler, embers and connector. Andirons are not included but we sell them elsewhere. Andiron Classic and Retiring Tipi use Standard Rumford Burner. Rumford Tipi uses the Enhanced Rumford Burner.

Rumford Fireplace Gas Log Instructions
Gas Lines Plumbing and Log Lighter Instructions
Valve Vanisher Description and Instruction Video
Valve Vanisher Dimensions
SPK3E Manual Safety Pilot Control Instructions
EIS-N135 Electronic Ignition Instructions
RMC1E Variable Flame Remote Control Instructions
Propane burner with required safety shutoff valve.
Rumford Burner
TNA burner Spreadsheet size, BTUs
Rumford Gas Logs Pictured with Dimensions
Rumford Gas Logs for Andiron Classic Series
Gas Log Components Spreadsheet
Outdoor Gas Logs

Trouble Shooting

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