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Why Gas Logs are not Certified
by Rasmussen Iron Works, Inc.*

From: "Rett Rasmussen"
To: "'Jim Buckley'"
Subject: Found it! Response to no certification.
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005

Thank you for your interest in Rasmussen Gas Logs.

Underwriters Laboratories is not a player in the certification of gas log sets (actually "Vented Decorative Products for Installation in Solid-Fuel Burning Fireplaces, ANSI Z21.60). The main third party testing and certification agencies are CSA (successor to AGA Labs), Omni-Test and RADCO. We use Omni-Test for our ANSI Z21.60 sets.

Neither Rasmussen, nor any of our competitors, offer a gas log set larger than 36-inches that is certified by CSA, Omni-Test or RADCO. ANSI Z21.60, the standard for vented decorative gas logs, is written in a manner that essentially limits certification to 30" and smaller sizes. There is little call from manufacturers for the development of a standard for larger sets, as the costs of developing the standard and product certification (both testing and continuing listing and inspection fees), is not justified by the relatively small volume of sales of the larger size sets.

Since 1972, the accepted standard for vented, pan-type gas log sets is the City of Los Angeles RGA #2-72. This is the standard to which RADCO (a nationally recognized third-party test laboratory and the leader in vented gas log set certifications) tests and certifies. This standard, however, limits the BTU input to 90,000 BTU/hour. This essentially limits the size of gas log set that can be certified to 30-inches or smaller. There is no standard for gas log sets with gas inputs higher than 90,000 BTU/hour.

This is not to say that our sets that exceed 30-inches are unsafe. Far from it. T.R. Rasmussen, our president, invented the pan-type gas log burner in 1958. In 1972, he was involved in the development of the RGA #2-72 standard as well as the ANSI Z21.60 Vented Decorative Standard to which CSA certifies. Rasmussen has been an excellent corporate citizen, as we have participated in numerous standards committees and take great effort to ensure that we produce high quality, safe products. All of our gas log sets, whether certified or not, are made of the same high quality materials, designs, production techniques and quality control. This is how we have remained a thriving business for over 97 years.

The alternatives to not approving the installation of a non-certified larger gas log set, for which there is no certified counter-part, are:

    1. The customer will burn wood, which is a spark and particulate producing uncontrollable fire. There are no standards or certifications for safe wood fire building or use.

    2. The customer will do what it takes to pass final inspection, then install the proper size set. Wouldn't everyone benefit if the final gas log set installation were inspected initially?

    3. The fireplace will sit vacant. What a waste. Nobody benefits.

I could be like some of my less honorable competitors and dummy up a rating plate just to satisfy your needs, or provide you with the listing number for the certification of our smaller sized sets, but this is not how we do business. In the absence of third-party certification, the building inspector can pass favorable judgment on an installation if he is comfortable with the design, craftsmanship and use of the product. Rasmussen will not destroy that trust that we wish to foster with you by falsifying a certification.

We would be pleased to assist you in gaining such approval from your building inspector for the installation of an unlisted gas log set. Please do not hesitate to ask us for any specific information that you may need.


Rett Rasmussen
Rasmussen Gas Logs

Rett Rasmussen Testifying before DOE in 2011


Note about gas logs in Massachusets

Dear Jeannie:

Jim Buckley and I have spoken many times about the fact that our Rumford log sets are not certified or listed, and why changing our sets to meet the standard requirements would make our sets unsalable.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is the only state in the union that has their own additional, state run listing (read that "pay tribute"), but it is on top of any ANSI listing.

There is no listed product available anyplace that will properly fit the unique dimensions of the Rumford Fireplace. A customer has the option of installing it themselves, working with the inspectors to get unlisted products signed off, install a set that looks horribly out of scale, or put a plant in the fireplace.

Rett Rasmussen


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