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Installation Instructions

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For Frameless Bi-Fold, Metal Panel, Metal X and glass doors

Parts included with bi-fold doors:
Four panels - doors only not screens
Four bolt-on hinge pins with brass washers
Two bronze flange bearings
Two top brakets to accept top hinge pins
Magnetic stop
Two pulls.

Put the doors into the fireplace opening, shimming them with cardboard or wood shims.

Locate where the holes that will accept the bronze flanged sleeve bearings for the hinge pins need to be drilled - usually just inside of the fireplace opening so that the doors, when closed, fit inside the opening but swing 180 degrees around the offset hinge pins to lay flat against the surround.

Remove the door and drill holes in hearth at the bottom corners of your fireplace opening to accept the hinge pins when bolted to your door. Washers are provide to adjust the height of the door.

Drill holes at the top corners of the fireplace opening for the top hinge pins. Brackets are provided that can be useful if you don't have a steel lintel into which to drill the top holes.

The hinge pins are bolted on, rather than welded, for two reasons - 1) 3/8" holes in the frame for the 1/4" hinge bolts allow for a little adjustment and 2) the tolerances so your door fits better at the top if you bolt the top hinge pin on after positioning the door.

Drill 1/2" holes in the masonry hearth to accept the bronze flanged sleeve bearings. The top pins may be inserted directly into 1/4" holes drilled into the masonry or in a steel lintle or fitted into the top brackets fastened to the lintle.

To prevent drill bit from wandering, make a template from piece of steel such as the Simpson nailing plate.

. Since the holes for the masonry anchors must be drilled close to the jambs and most drills can't get that close, a long drill bit extension is used to minimize the angle at which the hole can be drilled.

Magnetic stop is bolted to the steel angle lintel or the masonry at the top of the fireplace opening.

Attach pulls with the screws provided.

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