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Frameless Glass Door Hardware
Hinges, pulls, stops, bearings, glue and instructions - everything you need to assemble your own frameless glass doors - but you have to get the glass locally. We can help you find a local glass shop.

Any fireplace door manufacturer will tell you two things not to do:

    1) Never sell a door if you haven't gone out personally and measured the fireplace opening.

    2) Never sell a frameless door - masons can't drill the hinge attachments in the right place.

Well, we started off violating both of these cardinal rules. Our customers live all over the country - the world really. We and our customers don't like doors much, especially clunky ones with heavy frames. And we figured the masons who build our Rumfords can, in fact, drill the holes in the right place - or they know a kitchen cabinet installer who can.

Nevertheless, our experience in selling frameless glass doors has not been without problems.

    UPS and Fed Ex won't ship glass and guarantee it. So we have to buy the glass locally at retail prices and then spend a lot of money building a box, packing the glass doors in lots of padding and pay high LTL shipping costs.

    We have taken back a few doors that were measured wrong - Cardinal Rule #1.

    Not all of our customers have had an easy time installing our frameless doors but we think we have overcome Cardinal Rule #2 by being up front about it taking some skill to install the doors.

In the end we still think frameless glass doors are a good idea. Our customers seem to think so too. But now we are offering an alternative - "frameless and glassless glass doors". Sounds like instant water, doesn't it?

If you buy the hardware only: hinges, pulls, stops, bearings, glue and instructions - and get your own glass locally - you save a lot of money, time and frustration. We will still do it for you if money is no object but we recommend the hardware only option. And if you measure wrong it won't be our fault.

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