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Hey Mr. Buckley, it was a pleasure talking with you and thanks for the tips on preventing the rain water from entering the chimney. Here is a picture of the fireplace and another picture that shows the chimney. I'm looking forward to giving the Rumford a good workout this winter.

...and then after I put the picuture on line...

Well, I am honored to have these pictures posted on your site. My goal with the house was to build it as close to a mid 1800s Southern style farm house as I could. It was important to me to have a fireplace accurate to that period. I visited historic homes in Charleston to get fireplace ideas and checked out many books of historic homes. I found your website and was hooked.

My builder (Ed Ravenel -- highly recommend for folks in this area) had his doubts about whether the fireplace would draw properly being that it was so shallow. Well, the photo shows the test fire and no kidding, that was the cleanest fire that I had ever built. From the strike of the match until the last log turned to ash...it didn't smoke a bit.

Thanks again for a wonderful product and support.

Sid Smith
Adams Run, South Carolina*

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