Buckley Rumford Fireplaces
with a Masonry Focus

(or that sometimes print something about Rumford fireplaces)
5280, Denver's Mile High Magazine

Adobe Builder - "The" source for all things adobe and rammed earth. Joe Tibets likes Rumfords and we've participated in his adobe workshops.

Architectural Digest - most issues include a Rumford or two if you can spot them (they never identify them)

Architectural Record Good article

Bob Villa Lifespan House in Mt. Pleasant, SC .

Clem Labine's Period Homes

CNBC.com - Homes With Amazing Fireplaces, Many of them Rumfords. By Colleen Kane. Clem Labine's Traditional Building - great source for antique or reproduction period products.

Chimney Professional Magazine

Concrete Homes Magazine

Country Living article on 1830s Farmhouse with Rumford.

Environmental Building News with related Oikos "Green Building Source" and article on Rumfords in Energy Source Builder #48, Dec. 1996.

Fine Homebuilding - an article every year or two about Rumfords. We advertise Rumfords and chimney tops here.

Fireplaces and Wood Stoves an on-line guide

Good article in Houzz on Rumfords by Elizabeth Miller

Home Power - good article on masonry heaters in 1996.

Journal of Light Construction, 800 375 5981 JLC@bginet.com - My best article so far in print about Rumfords, March, 1994 issue. Builders read this magazine.

Joiners' Quarterly Steve Chappell, editor. Articles on Rumford fireplaces in issues #34 and #35. Letter from Steve about interface of masonry and timber.

Kuffel Creek Press Amature built seismic Rumford

Hanley-Wood - Publishers of... Masonry Construction - the industry standard, lots of articles about Rumfords and lots of information about masonry (Rick Yelton, editor (800 837 0870 x2601). Hanley-Wood also publishes:
Custom Home
Old House Journal and others.

Masonry Magazine, Dick Olsen, editor, 630 705 4200 - Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) magazine.

New York House Magazine with an article about a Rumford - in an ecofriendly space.

"Old-House Journal" - ran my first article about converting the coal-burning fireplaces in our 1886 house in Columbus, OH to Rumfords - Jan-Feb, 1985 issue.

San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles - Nice little article about Rumfords in Peter Jensen's column in the November, 1997 issue "The Little Fireplace That Could".

SNEWS - The Chimney Sweep News

Solid Fuel and Fireplaces, editor Jonathan Brind
Letter from Jonathan Brind about "smokeless fuel in England

Sunset Magazine - often has pictures of Rumfords and useful decorating ideas.

This Old House - Article by Peter Jensen featuring me build my own Rumfords in our 1890 Victorian house in Port Townsend in the Jan-Feb, 1997 issue (includes a picture of Norm Abram in front of his Rumford)
Big Rumford on cover of This Old House magazine - July/August, 1998

Traditional Masonry/US Heritage Group, Inc. Promotes traditional lime putty mortar and old ways of brick and stone work. Email from Ted Baranowski.

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