Rumford Fireplace Construction
Production Series
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or animated series courtesy Lars Helbro


The 36" Rumford fireplace and one story tapered block chimney shown in this series were built in one day and a couple hours by two masons and a laborer under simulated production conditions. I had spent the day before making sure all the materials were on site and the inspections were lined up. - Jim Buckley

9:00am - Two courses of block are layed on the foundation wall and "corbel slabs (precast re-inforced concrete slabs 12" x 48") are set in mortar across the stem wall and supported on the header by a 2"x4". A poured concrete hearth slab would be a good alternative but the corbel slabs used in Washington and Oregon take only 15 minutes to set and save a day waiting for concrete to cure.


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