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barnstormers.com want ads
globalair.com want ads
Kit Fox
Rans S-6 & S-7
Port Townsend Aero Musem
Terrafugia Car/plane

Hamiltons Classic Autos, Cottage Grove, OR

My 1954 Raleigh Clubman
Old Raleighs with a bike very similar to mine and http://www.sheldonbrown.com/retroraleighs/lenton-kohler.html>Raleigh Lenton details
Classic Cycle, 740 Winslow Way NE Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 206 842 9191
Bicycle Heaven - Worlds Largest Bicycle Museum and Bike Shop! (412) 734-4034 or (412) 716-4956
Elliot Bay Steam Launch Co.
Northwest Maritime Center
Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding
Pocock Classic Cedar Singles
Rat Island Rowing & Sculling Club
RoW2K - list of rowing clubs
Sound Rowers
Starbond, cyanoacrylate glue 213 382 7788
Wolfe Marine Sales Often has wooden classics
Wooden Boat Foundation

Basix Forms
Tim Matsui integrated blog
Broadband Search - Internet and Television Providers
Glenn Fleishman, Unsolicited Pundit
Philip Greenspun's photo.net & personal website
Jakob Nielsen's Website on Usability on the Web
PT Slugs
Way Back Machine (archived pages)

Family and Friends
Jefferson Community School
Jefferson County Historical Society
historic photographs of Port Townsend by Ann Welsh.
Great 1878 Map of Port Townsend, Library of Congress

MIT Open Course Ware
Online College Courses
E-Learning Best Practices - Free Guide to Online College Success

Bladensburg High School Class of 1959 - 1950's Jukebox and 1960's Jukebox
Cuban Son:
Para ti Nengón
Que lindo Bayamo
Pancho Amat: Cuba's Tresero Mayor
Arsenio Rodríguez - Rumba Guajira
Cuba Feliz - Lagrimas Negras
TRIO MATAMOROS.De Colección.Rogmeld 2012 Vive la Música !!
Los Compadres - Grandes Éxitos. (Disco Completo)
Cuatro puertorriqueño - christian nieves
Celina y Reutilio, Que viva chango 1949
Roberto Torres - Caballo Viejo (Bailado por Cantinflas)
Quimper Sound
Tango Heart - Bertram Levy's music of Astor Piazzolla

YouTube ski lessons

Buckley Dialectic (Blog)
CountyOffice.org - a resource of local gov't contact information and directions
Ciotole di Dona
The Corpus Clock & Chronophage
Don Marquis' Archy and Mehitabel, and other early 20th Century satire
Marston Equation
Mayo Clinic
Native American Needleworks by Connie Dent
The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press - Freedom of Information Act, etc.
Swimmers Guide
Swimming Technique
More Technique
PT Pool Schedule
Stirling Engines (YouTube)
Inovative Ideas
Walking Safety
Zip codes, and Area Codes

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