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Renaissance Rumford

A metal Rumford, the Renaissance Rumford that incorporates Rumford's design principles and is as clean-burning and efficient as our masonry Rumford. The Renaissance Rumford is a light weight "zero-clearance" fireplace if you need a fireplace on an upper floor with no foundation. It is light weight and metal so probably won't last as long as a masonry Rumford but it does carry a warrantee.

"Colonial"TM Rumford-Style Fireplace (high vertical opening)" says Lennox, even though it's only 29" tall. But they are trying to make it look like a real masonry fireplace.


Thanks. Imitation is the best compliment - I guess. We will assume any mention of "Rumford" ultimately helps us.



well, Lennox called this a "Rumford" style. i am not endorsing it, just sending it as a curiosity ;)

"George Petrides"

Heat-n-glow "Rutherford" Fireplace (Looking more and more like a Rumford but at least they didn't call it a Rumford)

Pointed out by a NY architect, 11/20/08

Moberg Modern Rumford

The Moberg Modern Rumford is a high end zero-clearance fireplace with some masonry components.

They are somewhat Rumford-like in that they feature tall openings and rounded airfoil throats but they are deeper than Rumfords and have sloping firebacks and the throats are larger than a Rumford's.

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