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From: "Gimme Shelter"
To: "Jim Buckley"
Subject: Re: Information
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005

Dear Jim
Thanks for your kind comments, feel free to link to us and use our photos.

Best Wishes Mark

----- Original Message ----- From: "Jim Buckley"
To: gimme@triver.com
Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 8:54 PM
Subject: Information

Dear Gimme,

Ran across your website while searching for "Rumford" on Google. It's a nice page you have and several good pictures of Rumfords. We also appreciate the links to us and to Superior Clay.

May we add you to our "builders" page at http://www.rumford.com/builder.html and may we use one of your Rumford pictures with the link?

Jim Buckley

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