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Where Wood-burning is Regulated

Even where wood-burning is banned or regulated, existing wood-burning fireplaces may be allowed and may be "Rumfordized". because that would only improve the emissions.

Outdoor fireplaces and cooking fireplaces are often permitted.

Some areas allow wood-burning fireplaces at high altitudes or in less densely populated areas especially where there are no gas lines.

Wood-burning Rumford fireplaces are as clean-burning as EPA Certified Stoves and have been tested and approved in Washington, and parts of California, Colorado and Arizona. See the Test Results. You may be able to build a "Certified Rumford Fireplace"

The way to find out if you can build a wood-burning Rumford is to apply for a permit at your local city or county building department. Generally building officials are on your side and at least can tell you what the local rules are.

Email or call us at 360 385 9974 as we too know many of the rules and practices by city and county.

If all else fails you can probably build a Gas Rumford anywhere.

Wood-burning Regulations
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