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Minnesota Six Foot Rumford

Aug 9, 2012

Oh, I really like the clay rainguard. Superior Clay has it in stock and I’m trying get a local dealer to tell me how much and how long. Superior Clay is really nice to talk to. I’m glad I found them through you.

Jeannie and I had a lovely long visit today. She was very helpful. After our conversation I think I will get the 36" clay bake oven and not wait like I was going to.

Ted Ferringer is making me some pieces for me (including that beautiful horse in the picture) in addition to several custom tools and the crane. I already have his lug pole crane in so thank you for that too! I've dreamed about my Rumford and surfed your website for ages. It's finally happening! I promised Jeannie pictures.

Thanks again,
E Jones

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