Rumford Fireplaces
Do It Yourself Rumfords
(Or, sometimes, "do it to yourself")

Rumford Customers
Oregon Outside Rumford
DIY 42" AAC Rumford
South African 48" Rumford from Scratch
Haley's Idaho Rumford
Hammond Concrete Enclosed Rumford
Arkansas Five Footer
SS Throat in Nova Scotia
Matt Peterson did it in Massachusetts
Malcolm Boyd Built His Own 36" Rumford
Pete Caldwell Florida boatbuilder
Firebrick throat in Costa Rica
Firebrick throat in Turkey
Ed Welch carves a throat out of stone
Superior Clay Components Too Expensive
Rennels' pannelizes his own herringbone box
Meticulously built heat circulating Rumford
Astons five foot Rumford
Very Cheap but Short-lived Snow Fireplace
DIYS Rumfordize in CO
DIYS Rumfordize in Bay Area
Another DIYS Rumfordize this time in OH
Construction Process Pictures and Videos

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