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2013 IRC Code Change Proposal RB461

RB461 - 13
R1006.2, R1006.5

Proponent:David Hall CFM, Georgetown Texas representing the ICC PMG Code Action Committee (dave.hall@georgetown.org)


Revise as follows:

R1006.2 Exterior air intake. The exterior air intake shall be capable of supplying all combustion air from the exterior of the dwelling or from spaces within the dwelling ventilated with outside outdoor air such as nonmechanically ventilated crawl or attic spaces. The exterior air intake shall not be located within the garage or basement of the dwelling. nor The exterior air intake, for other than listed factory-built fireplaces, shall not the air intake be located at an elevation higher than the firebox. The exterior air intake shall be covered with a corrosion-resistant screen of 1/4-inch (6 mm) mesh.

R1006.5 Outlet. Locating the exterior air outlet in the back or sides of the firebox chamber or within 24 inches of the firebox opening on or near the floor is permitted. The exterior air outlet shall be located in the back or side of the firebox chamber or shall be located outside of the firebox, at the level of the hearth and not greater than 24 inches (610mm) from the firebox opening. The outlet shall be closable and designed to prevent burning material from dropping into concealed combustible spaces.

Reason: The requirement that the exterior air intake not be located higher than the firebox appears to conflict with Section R1006.1.1 which simply defers the installation to the fireplace manufacturer's instructions. The proposed revision makes this requirement applicable only to masonry fireplaces. If the exterior air intake was not allowed to be higher than the firebox, listed factory-built fireplaces could not be installed in basements or the lower levels of split level homes. The only way around this appears to be the case where the air outlet is installed outside of the firebox as allowed in Section R1006.5, thus negating the concern for fire and hot gases entering the exterior air duct. (this hazard is not possible if the outlet in not within the firebox).

The revision to Section R1006.5 simply cleans up language and eliminates subjective text. The current first sentence does not require anything, rather, it offers some things that you are allowed to do. The location text "on or near the floor" is subjective. The intent is simply at the same level as the hearth, so, the outlet could be in the floor or in a wall at the intersection of the floor and wall.

This proposal is submitted by the ICC Plumbing, Mechanical and Fuel Gas Code Action Committee (PMGCAC). The PMGCAC was established by the ICC Board of Directors to pursue opportunities to improve and enhance an assigned International Code or portion thereof. This includes both the technical aspects of the codes as well as the code content in terms of scope and application of referenced standards. Since its inception in July, 2011, the PMGCAC has held 2 open meetings, multiple conference calls and multiple workgroup calls which included members of the PMGCAC. Interested parties also participated in all of the meetings and conference calls to discuss and debate the proposed changes.

Cost Impact: The code change proposal will not increase the cost of construction.


MACS WATCH - Largely editorial and changes nothing for masonry fireplaces.

Public Hearing: Committee: AS

Assembly: ASF AMF DF

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