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2013 IRC Code Change Proposal RB460

RB460 - 13

Proponent: Jim Buckley, Buckley Rumford Co. representing Masonry Alliance for Codes and Standards and Clay Lining Institute (buckley@rumford.com)

Revise as follows:

R1005.2 Decorative shrouds. Decorative shrouds shall not be installed at the termination of factory-built chimneys except where the shrouds are listed and labeled for use with the specific factory-built chimney system and installed in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions or comply with Section R1003.9.

Reason: It is impractical to test each custom decorative shroud with every listed chimney system so the manufacturers of the various UL listed chimney systems have added "supplementary instructions" to provide minimum dimensions and construction guidelines that are written in prescriptive language that is similar to that already in Section R1003.9 of the code. Individual home builders and manufacturers of chimney rain caps, spark arrestors, chimney caps or shrouds should not have to list their decorative shrouds as long as they meet the requirements set forth in Section R1003.9. This change would not prevent the use of listed decorative shrouds but it would provide for a safe way to install custom decorative shrouds - unlisted by complying with code.

Cost Impact: The code change proposal will not increase the cost of construction, it will reduce the cost.


MACS SUPPORT - We would like a prescriptive alternative.

Public Hearing: Committee: D - Bob Eugene, UL, said inappropriate because cited a masonry section of code. King opposed.

Assembly: ASF AMF DF

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