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2013 IRC Code Change Proposal RB20


Proponent: Bob Eugene, representing UL LLC (Robert.Eugene@ul.com)

Revise as follows:


FIREPLACE. An assembly consisting of a hearth and fire chamber of noncombustible material and provided with a chimney, for use with solid fuels.

    Factory-built fireplace. A listed and labeled fireplace and chimney system composed of factory-made components, and assembled in the field in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and the conditions of the listing.

    Masonry chimney. A field-constructed chimney composed of solid masonry units, bricks, stones or concrete.

    Masonry fireplace. A field-constructed fireplace composed of solid masonry units, bricks, stones or concrete.

Reason: Eliminates duplication of definition of masonry chimney which is defined with the letter M definitions.

Cost Impact: None

Analysis: A review of the standard proposed for inclusion in the code, EN 15250 with regard to the ICC criteria for referenced standards (Section 3.6 of CP#28) will be posted on the ICC website on or before April 1, 2012.


MACS SUPPORT: Note that the definition of "masonry fireplace" and "masonry chimney" in the IRC, IBC and IMC should be made consistent.

Public Hearing: Committee: AS - Makes definitions in Chapter 2 consitent with IBC and IMC

Assembly: ASF AMF DF

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