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Rumford on coal and "kindling-balls" composed of equal parts of coal, charcoal, and clay

Modern Canadian Kindling-Balls

The English "Smokeless Fuel" Model in the 1950's

Burning with coal in England - Debell correspondence

Burning with coal in Louisiana

Below a discussion about burning coal in America today. Feel free to chime in by sending your comments to buckley@rumford.com

From: "Gratian Yatsevitch"
To: "'Jim Buckley'"
Subject: Rumford fireplace for coal.
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006

Dear Jim,

My interest in coal is, as you mention that it burns hotter and longer than wood and secondly that I believe there will be a revival in the use of coal as the cost of oil increases.

I grew up in England and I coal was still used in heating homes as well as in fireplaces. A coal fire is an amazingly cozy fire. I remember the special grate required, but other than that, the Rumford fireplace I think would work very well. In addition, if purchased in volume, coal is not too expensive and it doesn't rot. In short, there are many benefits. It is somewhat dirtier however, and I believe one has to pay more attention to chimney cleanliness to avoid chimney fires. Perhaps with the materials available today, such problems would be greatly diminished.

Coal heating produced terrible smog, which I barely remember in London. Due to the sulphur in coal, on certain foggy nights and days, there would be generated sulphuric acid in the air, which needless to say was rather irritating.

I trust that answers your question.

Gratian Yatsevitch

From: Jim Buckley [mailto:buckley@rumford.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2006 10:21 PM
To: Gratian Yatsevitch
Subject: Re: Rumford fireplace for coal.


Some, but not many, of our Rumford fireplaces customers burn coal. I know that a hundred and fifty years or more ago many people burned coal, often mixed with wood. Coal would burn hotter and last longer than wood.

Later, special coal grates were fitted to small fireplaces that were intended to burn only coal but there is no reason coal cannot be burned in a Rumford just as it used to be.

Out of curiosity why are you interested in burning coal?

Jim Buckley

Dear Mr. Buckley:

First of all let me congratulate you on your informative web site, particularly on Count Rumford. I am interested in coal fired fireplaces and would like to know if you supply designs? I live on the East coast, so meeting may not be possible, but you may have contacts on the is coast with whom you work.


Gratian M. Yatsevitch, III
Tel: 202-234-2002
Fax: 202-234-1606

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