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Note on Sizing Chimney Pots

The question arrose as to whether or not a 13"x13' Classic Pot was large enough for a 36" Rumford with a 13"x13" flue.

The 13'x13" pot is described in Superior Clay's Selecting a Chimney Pot as being one of the pots suitable for a 36" Rumford but the Superior Clay Chimney Pot Gallery describes the 13'x13" pot as having only a 7.5"x7.5" top opening which is only 1/23rd of the area of the fireplace opening.

So we asked Superior Clay. Here is their answer:

"if they want to be 100 percent sure they should purchase a 16x16 Classic. In fact I have answered that exact question that way adding that there are possibly a thousand 13x13 classic pots on 36" Rumford's that function flawlessly, in fact I can not site a single incident where the condition stated has been an issue. With that said a 16x16 Classic is in order."

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