Superior Clay Chimney Pots
A.J. Downing

"The chimney-tops, in all countries where fires are used, are decidedly expressive of purpose, as they are associated with all our ideas of warmth, the cheerful fireside, and the social winter circle.....

As chimney-tops are thus so essential a part of dwelling-houses, we should endeavor to render them pleasing objects, and increase their importance by making, them ornamental. The clumsy mass of bricks should be enlivened and rendered elegant by varying its form, ornamenting its sides and summit, or separating the whole into distinct flues, forming a cluster, in modes of which there are a multitude of suitable examples in the various styles of architecture.

The chiminey-tops generally occupy the highest portions of the roof, breaking against the sky boldly, and if enriched, will not only increase the expression of purpose, but add also to the picturesque beauty of the composition."

A.J. Downing, Victorian Cottage Residences, 1861

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Superior Clay Chimney Pots
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