Training Program for Masons

This Training Program is really a way to promote each other: If you, as a mason, convince us that you know how to build a Rumford fireplace in a workman-like and professional way, we will recommend you to our customers. We depend on good masons and, hopefully, you will appreciate the referrals, advertising and technical support we can give you.

Here's how it works. Convince us that you are a competent mason. (Examples of your work, customer referrals or a referral by our dealer will work.) Attend our two hour "Rumford Fireplace Training Program for Masons" and pass the examination. Agree to respond to any referrals we send to you and let us know that you have.

For our part the Superior Clay Corp., the Buckley Rumford Co. and your masonry materials Dealer will list you on our websites, refer customers to you, and see that you get the techincal support you need.

That's it. We want to get to know you and help you with your business. It just helps us with our business. We'll provide you with Catalogs and other printed material, help you use our website to your advantage and answer your questions about masonry fireplaces and chimneys by phone or email. We'll want to hear from you at least once a year to make sure everything is going well and to keep your listing current.

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