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We have a wonderful Rumford in our home in the San Juan Islands. It is easy to light with the split wood standing vertical and puts out a tremendous amount of heat just as it should.

I have a question about loss of heat after the fire goes out, though. Isn't there a significant loss of heat from the room up the chimney while the ashes are cooling? Do you have a recommendation?

Thank you,
Elyse Woodruff


    Good to hear the you like your Rumford. Would you send me a picture of it?

    After you’ve had an evening’s fire the firebox is hot and radiating heat even after the fire goes out. Some people would have doors and close them at this point but the doors leak almost as much air as the open damper and block most of the radiant heat. I would add two logs, put up a screen and either rekindle the fire or close the damper in the morning.


Thank you for your advice. Makes sense. I've attached a photo. It's really beautiful.

Best wishes,

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