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Date: 4/4/09
To: Jim Buckley
From: "Abrie Willemse"

Hi Jim,

Some 10 years ago I mailed you regarding buckley-rumford components, and now (only) at last I am about a week ago from building my own rumford. I do not have the luxury of getting my hands on the clay components that would make it a "perfect" rumford, and will have to make do with the hundreds of pictures, articles, plans and drawings on your website, and some crafty masonry and brick work. (I think I'll lay it out dry in another corner, and then build it wet from there.

I have decided on a 42" Rumford, for the new reading room that I am adding to my home. In South Africa we work in metrics, so I have carefully converted the measurements from inches and feet metrics. The one luxury that I do have is the fact that this room is only being built now, and I can really make best effort to accommodate the room around the rumford, and not the other way around. It shall be a corner rumford, but not set center into the corner - a little forward to the left with a wood box on the right hand side.

I shall keep you posted as to how it's going.

Best Regards, and thanks for a wonderful website!

Abrie Willemse
Centurion, South Africa



Nice to hear from you. Please do keep me posted and send pictures of your Rumford. Did you check to see how much it would cost to send you the Rumford components that would make the job easy - the throat, damper and smoke chamber?

Enjoyed your website. A picture of my Benz is below.

Warm regards,
Jim Buckley

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