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We are enjoying our new rumford fireplace but need to order a protective screen to prevent flying embers. Our fireplace is 54" wide and 45" high with an arched opening. We haven't been able to find a source for such a screen and thought you might be able to give us a reference?

The fireplace has an 18" x 18" flue with an open top (no cap) and drafts very well at start up and while burning a decent fire. We do have hills around us and have had smoke issues when the fire is dying down and we are experimenting with opening nearby windows on the windward side which helps this situation. We have learned a lot from your website and all the great advice you have there! Thanks so much!

Steve & Cindy


Steve & Cindy,

Thanks for the great picture of your Rumford. If you would like to identify the mason who built the fireplace and/or the builder or architect, we would like to put the picture on our website to promote them.

We have found screens to fit your Rumford. They are depicted at http://www.rumford.com/store/screens.html and the linked pages. If you don't see the correct size, not to worry. Most of the screens are custom made to order and can be made any size. Let us know the style you like and we can get your a price.

As for the smoking issue, being temperamental as the fire dies down, and especially in light of your comment that opening a windward window seems to help, makes me think the root problem is insufficient make-up ventilation air. Instead of opening a window in the room, try adding more ventilation into your mechanical room though a vent or maybe into he cold air return if you have a warm air heating system. See http://www.rumford.com/smoky.html to verify the assumption and for ways to fix the problem.

Jim Buckley

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