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Hi there,

I've referenced your website in the past several years to educate myself and clients and I truly admire what your company stands for. I am a firm believer in keeping the traditions of stone masonry alive with my custom projects as a stonemason and landscaper here in southeastern CT.

Throughout my apprentice years under the direction of talented master masons, I have built a handful of impressive (and sometimes complex) Rumfords using your kits. I've been in business for myself for just about 10 years now developing my own portfolio of prized masonry creations, including Rumfords.

Just this year I decided to market my company more than I ever have in the past by creating my website and service literature brochures/cards to place on display at my local builder supply. All of which has paid off handsomely and have since enjoyed a phenomenal year in business!!

I would like to know more of what it takes to be on your list of preferred masons. If that means attending a seminar, taking your test, providing referrals, etc I am more than willing to do so. Any information you need feel free to call or email!

Matthew Varsen

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