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Burak Erkin Built Rumford in Turkey

Construction process pictures

Built a 42' Rumford from scratch using the plans on Jim Buckley's website. COMMENTS ARE WELCOME on the Rumford facebook group page.

The house is on Avşa Island in the sea of Marmara (where the name Marble comes from). I'm sure it is the first Rumford in Avşa and probably one of the few in Turkey. Built the throat from firebrick (which I consider was the most tricky part) and the smoke chember with regular brick. Got the ironsmith to produce me the dumper locally. It is a 40 year old house, luckily the chimney was present. Took me a less than a week to build it myself.

No prior construction experience. Draws great. No major flaws in the construction. THANK YOU JIM for all the info you provided. Made my dream come true. I have photographed all phases of the construction. Will put them to my Facebook page after sorting them out. Final pictures can be seen here. IDEAS FOR EXTERNAL DECORATION ARE WELCOME. Wood, marble or a variety of stones are available locally.

Burak Erkin

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