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Tom Thurgood. Built Huber Rumfords with components from Bishoff Masonry Supply or Buzby's in 1997.


Tom is planning to rebuild this 1800's fireplace as a Rumford.


That's interesting. Are the wooden doors used to close off the fireplace when not in use?

In "Rumfordizing" this fireplace, I would probably use a 36" Rumford so the the surround can be 6" from the mantel to meet code. Like your other fireplaces, you could leave the exposed brick surround but it would be more historically correct to plaster it and make it look more like the picture at http://www.rumford.com/classicphoto.html maybe with the plaster surround painted black.

The hearth extension appears to be laid on the wood floor. Of course that won't do. You've got to cut out and head off the floor joists and pour a concrete hearth base and cantilevered hearth extension to start your reconstruction.

Jim Buckley

Date: Wed, 08 Oct 1997
To: buckley@rumford.com
From: Sue Thurgood
Subject: Rumford's

Hey Jim,

You most likely don't remember, but a few years ago I installed two Rumford fireplaces for a builder named Jeff Huber in NJ. We worked together (you and I) on some technical things to get me through my first Rumford.

Then on my third or fourth Rumford I called you again about some technical questions and that's when you were starting your web page. You then asked me if I would like to be put on your list of masons who install Rumfords. I gladly said yes.

This letter is basically intended to say thanks for I have received many phone calls as a result of you putting me on the net. I would also like to say what an awesome web page you now have, so keep up the good work. I'm on my six and seventh Rumford right now and just love installing them. They are very easy to sell to most of my clients. Again thank you for the listing and I'm looking forward to maybe hearing from you.


Thomas Thurgood
Thurgood Masonry

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