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The fireplace has met and exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with its performance, it works beautifully. Lots of heat, especially without the screen. Not even a hint of smoke, had a fire last night, couldn't even detect an odor this morning. Gotta love that! Built the fire exactly the way you described. It's a masterpiece in every way. Thanks, Jim


Consturction Pictures

Well, it's been quite a while since I talked to you. Below are pictures as promised. Hope you like.

I was able to get the refractory mortar off the firebrick pretty well. It looks plenty good. I am proud of this, it is the first masonry fireplace, or anything masonry really, I have ever built.

I have not used the fireplace yet, but fall is finally here. Soon, I will find out if it "works". I am praying that it doesn't smoke because of the damper not quite aligned. I did what you said and have included pictures showing b4 and after, to smooth the transition. The damper, lining up perfectly over the breast opening, is not exact but close.

The first demo picture represents 4 hours labor with 5 pounder, chisel and gloves. Ug! The 2nd demo pic is 2 hours later after renting a roto hammer. Duh!

Also, note the picture of the corbeling, what made it all easy, thanks to you. Everything is code, thanks to your web site.

I sent a picture of the building, you can see the tip of the chimney, the work was done on the middle apartment, second floor.

You are welcome to do whatever you want with the pictures. Let me know if you decide to use them on your web site so I can brag to my girlfriend.

Tom Taylor

And on 10/21/07

I live in St. Louis Missouri, within the city limits of the city, most people live in St. Louis County. I am about 5 minutes from Washington University and Forest Park where the 1904 worlds fair occurred.

I bought all the masonry materials from Earthworks Inc. in Chesterfield, MO.

I will send you another pic of the first fire.


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