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Dear Buckley,

I'm building a custom home in California. My client loves Rumford fireplaces but doesn't want it to be wood burning. We proposed to build a Rumford and use a gas log set with the option of turning it into a full wood burning fireplace. Local code requires glass doors on gas fireplaces. The problem I'm having is finding an arched top door set. The opening is 60" wide and 54" tall with an arch top that has a 48" leg height. Attached is a current picture of the rough phase. Your help is appreciated!

Thank you,
Doug Locke


It's difficult to build doors for such a big fireplace and with an arched top. We have an order now for a Wilkening door for a fireplace almost as big but it's heavy, blocks part of the opening and costs a fortune.

We are, however, planning a new line of bi-fold screen/doors. The idea is they would look similar to our bi-fold metal panel doors at http://www.rumford.com/store/doors.html#metal except that the frames would be lighter and the panels covered with screen into which you can slip panes of glass. With the glass out - and stored in the garage - the screens would still be useful. Not only useful, really the best solution since free-standing screens for fireplaces this large are hard to move.

If we could build a bi-fold screen with glass panels with an arched top to fit your Rumford would you be interested?

Thanks for the picture. The fireplace looks great. You did see our gas logs at http://www.rumford.com/store/gaslogs.html didn't you?

Jim Buckley

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