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Date: Thu, 02 Apr 2009
To: Jeannie Rosanelli
From: Howard Cohen
Subject: Massive Rumford


This fireplace was part of a major landscaping project. It is massive! Let me know what you think.

Howard Cohen

Hi Howard,

WOW!! What a big job. And very clever making the fireplace look like part of the boulders, and I want to say cliff. That is a great job on the firebox itself. I can imagine it looks quite cool with a fire at night. Thank you for sharing.

We were discussing the depth of the firebox being so shallow and some people worrying about that. Every customer we have had that was worried about the depth, their worries were dispelled after their first fire. Once they saw how it burned, they were no longer concerned about the depth. So if you can get a customer or two to let potential customers see how it burns or possibly build one outside your office, that would help. And as a last resort you can always do the double returns to make it appear deeper.

We are pleased that you are building our Rumfords. Let me know when I can list you on our website.

Enjoy your day,


We purchase our Rumford parts from Bill Bland at L.C. Smith in Springfield Va. He can attest to how many Rumfords we have built. I attached a few pictures of some completed project.


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