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June 24, 1996

I had complemented Susanna on the Felhandler, Steeneken and Wilk website:

>Your website is very interesting and I've been exploring the links.

Thanks, we love to hear nice things. I visited your site too and it's great. Very complete and with lots of interesting links. Next time I update our links page, probably later in the week, I'll add a link to your site.

It's timely actually as I'm currently detailing a masonry fireplace for a house in CA and have been needing to brush up on the masonry techniques. In the past, I've always used the Brick Institutes binder of technical sheets for this. It's nice to have more information now available on the web.

If you find a spot for a link to our site on your site, we'd greatly appreciate it as well.


-sue steeneken

Susanna Steeneken
Felhandler, Steeneken and Wilk, Architects
212 874 6479 * 800 791 9522 * FAX 212 874 6277

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