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On Mar 24, 2008, at 3:20 AM, Ian Sorbie wrote:

Good Morning,

I purchased a Georgian Colonial home circa 1823 that had been restored by the previous owners to its original condition. These people wanted to live like pioneers so the only heating was the five fireplaces.

We will probably use high efficiency fireplace inserts on the two fireplaces on the north side of the house (living room, upstairs one bedroom) because we would like these to be our main heating source in the winter (we have installed electric baseboard heaters as supplemental), but we would like to convert the other three fireplaces (bedroom, dining room and basement original kitchen) to rumford. Right now these three have no dampers and the chimney is a huge gaping opening.

Is it possible to convert without opening up the wall to access the chimney and to construct the fireplace so that the throat with the damper exhausts the smoke directly into the existing chimney - not sure if that's clear. Can you also recommend a dealer for parts and/or installation in the Eastern Ontario, Canada region. The house is in Prince Edward County which is close to Kingston.

I have attached photos of the three fireplaces we wish to convert.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Ian Sorbie*

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