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"To design a fireplace whose proportions are in keeping with the scale of the room" - Marcus

To: Jim Buckley
From: "marcus"
Subject: Re: www.rumford.com/contact

To whom it may concern,

I'm an architect working in Greece and I'm very interested in making a large fireplace based on your seven foot Rumford plan.

Are you able to ship the necessary parts to Greece and if so, could you please provide me with a quote?

Thank you
Marcus Alan Warren

Hi Jim,

You've actually e-mailed at an appropriate time as our client has just arrived today and we are planning a large dinner at which the fireplace will hopefully be roaring. Thus I'll snap some shots and e-mail you them tomorrow.

Enjoy these pictures for now.

Marcus Alan Warren

corfu. greece. 49081
tel. 0030 2663081996
mob. 0030 6977692295
fax. 0030 2663081996

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