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Tony Salvucci
Enjoys the Website - Thanks Tony!
Olde Worlde Builders, Inc.
2 Davis Road
Hudson, MA 01749
978 333 9731 (fax 775 587 1917)
(Tony & Larry Salvucci - "We are General Contractors specializing in fireplace construction and restoration as well as home restoration and improvements. With over 35 years experience, we have extensive knowledge and practical application in the construction of Rumford Fireplaces. We are always available to offer advice and estimates at no charge.")

Enjoy Your Site
Wed, 30 Jul 2003

Mr. Buckley,

I just finished updating my listings in your Masons and Builders categories.

Olde Worlde Builders, Inc. - Massachusetts

I have visited your Rumford Fireplace site innumerable times and always seem to find something new and fascinating. Once on the site, ΚI am drawn from one article, fact, or picture to another and find it very difficult to press that little black "x" in the upper right hand corner of my window and leave.

I am a 56 year old mason and I couldn't begin to guess how many fireplaces I have built over the past 35 years, but each time I visit your site I am excited to find that there is always some new tidbit to learn or fact to explore.

I am currently doing a project in Concord, Massachusetts where I am removing two chimneys and five fireplaces and rebuilding them to their original style (upgraded to code, of course) in a circa 1700 home.

I am currently building my own website....... certainly not as comprehensive or inspiring as yours, but I try. (If it took me as long to build a chimney and fireplace as it is taking me to get this website built, I'd have to change professions and become and accountant)

Well, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your website.

Tony Salvucci
ΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚOlde Worlde Builders, Inc

PS. I noticed a page on your Training Seminar. Is that something you did in the past, or is it ongoing?

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