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Fixed Smoky Rumford Fireplace
From: "Jeffrey A. Salgado"
To: Jim buckley
Subject: Rumford letter
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 12:02:40 -0700

Dear Jim,

I am writing this letter to thank you for your knowledge, professionalism, and goodwill. Because of your assistance the smoke problems with my Rumford fireplace are no longer a nuisance, or potential fire hazard.

I purchased a new home in San Francisco, California in January 2004. The property came equipped with a Rumford fireplace. I can honestly say that I had never heard of a Rumford fireplace, and was quite surprised by its vertical height, and limited depth. Upon using the Rumford for the first time, the house was filled with smoke and the fire alarms were blaring. Needless to say I was disappointed and concerned with the safety of my family. I called Jim the next morning and explained to him my situation. Jim assured me that in all the years he had been involved with Rumford hearths, none of them had smoke issues that could not be rectified. He asked some simple questions and then requested some photographs of my fireplace. I took the pictures that he requested and sent them that very day.

Within a day Jim responded and it became crystal clear, very quickly, that he was extremely knowledgeable about fireplaces, and especially RumfordÕs. He informed me that the Mason had installed the smoke chamber incorrectly and that the obstruction of the throat (by only a few inches) was causing the smoke problems. JimÕs explanations were so simple and thorough that even a non-Rumford expert (like myself) could understand. I now was able to confidently explain the problem to the Mason, which Jim stated was completely responsible, and proceed to get my fireplace in working order. As a matter of fact, Jim gave the Mason solutions that would help with the job. After the Mason followed JimÕs advice and removed the obstruction from the throat, I can happily state that I love my working, non smoky, Rumford.

Once again thank you for all your advice, knowledge and patience. I have had friends and family over, only to rave about the efficiency and beauty of my Rumford. I hope anyone who reads this letter will understand that if they are thinking of installing a Rumford, they can be sure that there will be an ethical, reliable, and enthusiastic professional to contact should they have any issues. That person is Jim Buckley.

Thank you,

Jeff Salgado

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