Buckley Rumford Fireplaces
Rennels Tackles a Rumford
(and pannelizes his own herringbone firebox)

From: BertTheSweep@webtv.net (Sherman Rennels)
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999
To: buckley@rumford.com
Subject: Rumford


I am waiting now on the throats and offset smoke chambers. I am not sure yet, but I might have to get a stainless steel offset made to go from top of smoke chambers? I will cross that bridge when I get to it. I raised the opening to 60" in the upstairs fireplace and if need be I can go higher. Had to redo the center wall on the 42" wide set. We are tuckpointing and cleaning up the herringbone panel sets. One thing when you set the sides to the back wall do you run a motar join up and down where they meet like 1" wide? I am getting there.


S. Bert Rennels

Mary Poppins Chimney Sweep Co.
OKlahoma City,Oklahoma.



I have finish the downstairs Rumford, Here is a picture of it. Because of the heat, and lack of help it has taking me longer then I though it would. I had to make a point with my two sons. Any how I have learned a lot , the upstairs fireplace should be completed this week . I had to cut out seven herring bone brick, that I had in upside down and redo them.

These same people who I am working for are putting in a fancy resturant down the road from from this house, are telling me that they may want me to do the Rumford thing there too.

I still have to remove the masking tape and clean the brick some as you can see.



I just like Bricking up a little on the encasement and pouring concrete behind the herring bone panels and back fillng some of the void with insulation. Hopefully I will just like cleaning up the panels Mon. The Masons on the job will be doing the facings on these fireplaces. When they finish I will send a picture of them also. This house is a show case for this secluded area.


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