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Building Rumford a Good Experience
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998
To: buckley@rumford.com
From: Matt Peterson
Subject: 42"x42" Rumford's first fire

I am extremely pleased to inform you that this weekend my two brothers, my father and I have completed my 42" Rumford fireplace and chimney. We tried a few small fires, crossed our fingers and found that the fire had perfect draw. This particular room in my house is under renovation, I can not wait to show off my Rumford!

I am not an experienced mason by any means. The straight Rumford firebox, one piece throat, and ready formed smoke chamber really makes building a fireplace a snap (a Rumford fireplace). I put about 30 hours into the "HOW TO " research and about 60 hours into building the fireplace (36 hrs myself and 24 from family). I will hire experienced masons to build the field stone facing around the fire box up to the 12' cathedral ceiling (I am not skilled enough for the finish work). I expect the field stone work will take 50 more hours.

I can not thank you enough for you support and advice. I truly have a new-found appreciation for a tall and shallow fire places like my Rumford. If you are ever in Sudbury, MA and you want to see what you have helped me accomplish you are welcome anytime.


Matt Peterson
333 Peakham Rd
Sudbury, MA 01776

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