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Daniele Perna, Principal Designer
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004
From: Daniele Perna
To: Jim Buckley
Subject: Re: Great, your explaination is very clear and educational essay

Dear Jim,

Great! Your explanation is very clear and it enabled me to quickly sketch out your solution.

I have considered your suggestion, "recessed rectangular surround" in a rough sketch. This is indeed the fastest method to solve the problem, however, what has made this fireplace design successful is in fact the "jogged line."

I have presented this design to associates, clients, and the general public for over 4 months and what I have learned is that the viewer does not completely perceive why the composition is interesting. I am always told by the viewer that something pulls their eye, attention, interest, etc., in besides the sculptured mantel with the lighting built in to the shapes which add accents, high lights and shadows to the composition. The second aspect of the design accredited to the interest is the "jogged line". What I have learned from this is the mind has become accustomed, so powerfully to the rectangular surround, that the viewer is not aware that the Vesta Fireplace has broken out of this classic rectangular composition. Once I realized this objectively I new that I had an interesting marketable fireplace design. Yes, there are other compositions, half round or arch, and they are not common in the general market, as I am sure you know better than I do. I have become very confident about this "jogged" shape, and I am planning and working to solve the code/material issues.

Below I cut and pasted a paragraph from your web site. I did this because your words are passionate and exciting. When I set out to start this process of designing fireplaces I did a lot of market research and was wondering about those "metal fireplaces." If in fact eventually they would take over, make it difficult to market my fireplace designs to the general public. My cousin, who owns a construction company, connected me with a rep from, Heat and Glow. They supply him with fireplaces for the homes his company builds. She asked me if I would be interested in presenting my ideas to some of the developers at Heat and Glow. She said that Heat and Glow were interested in making their product better looking, because the metal fireplaces were the future. Of course the future of their metal fireplaces did not interest me at all.

I simply ignored the whole deal, not because I had to, because I believe passionately that the old style fireplace will prevail, because you cannot tell me that those metal fireplaces are romantic or visually interesting. My plans are to build a high-end market for those "most expensive homes" and as well bring a high-end aesthetic to the common market as well. After you and I started our process, I began to wonder why you were so helpful. I decided to re-read your bio and your paragraph below (in burgundy) called out to me.

Of course I am new to your, what I call, romantic battle, but intend to support you and your associates to take the fireplace market back: "Buckley Rumford fireplaces are specified in some of the finest and most expensive homes, but Jim is also interested in designing and promoting high quality low cost masonry fireplaces to compete with the metal so-called "zero-clearance" fireplaces. "We intend to take our fireplace market back", Jim says matter-of-factly".

I will quote my self from the press release Daniele Perna Designs Magical Fireplaces Offering Visual Alchemy. "My decision to design fireplaces originated from the primordial connection humanity has to fire as a gathering place for comfort and contemplation". The key phrase here "primordial connection", why, one cannot have a primordial connection if there is a metal and glass barrier between them and the fire. The fire becomes an idea caged in a modern vessel, something we only look at like a television, video game or film, and not connect physically or emotionally to the fire as one can while experiencing an old style classic masonry fireplace design. The "primordial connection" is our past, our evolutionary history, we connect to the fire because it connects us to our roots, to nature, and it makes us feel alive. It brings up those ancient passions of survival and love for the family.

It just hit me, I have an idea, and I was asked to write an educational essay to submit to Dezignare Interior Design Collective, http://www.dezignare.com. Nothing came to mind, until now. They will gladly publish an essay on the topic of design and the Rumford. Perhaps we could put something together to PR your cause and link it into my cause, which ultimately is our cause, and it would PR my fireplace designs as well. I believe that an article linking our causes could be a good read.

There could be an educational essay and a press release. Indeed I have learned that PR is one of the paths to a successful fruition of a design vision.

Please click below to re-review the press release, educational essays and Dezignare Interior Design Collective.

1. Daniele Perna Designs Magical Fireplaces Offering Visual Alchemy

... PRESS RELEASE 01-10-04. Daniele Perna Designs Magical Fireplaces Offering Visual Alchemy New York, NY, Jan. 10 /Daniele Perna Designs ... http://www.dezignare.com/whatshot/2004january/10.Daniele_Perna.html

Jim, your input is stimulating and I greatly appreciate your experience, expertise, your passion and web site.

I hope that the educational essay, press release and the other possible PR resources interests you, it is all in positive action. Untimely I would hope an article could help stimulate the propagation of Buckley Rumford and Daniele Perna Designs fireplaces. It certainly could not hurt.


Jim Buckley wrote:

Re: Indeed, I appreciate your diligence.


It would be easier, of course, if the top of the fireplace opening were straight, but we do accommodate arched openings. We instruct the masons to make the top of the arch tangent with the bottom curved part of our throat and then fill in the pockets behind the arch as it drops below our throat on each side with plaster or mortar.

The same plan could work for your "jogged" top - make the throat even with the highest right side and then fill behind the left side to lower the "breast" or curved part of our throat the keep it all pretty well streamlined.

How about a recessed rectangular surround or border inside your opening so we can keep the actual fireplace opening square?


Dear Mr. Buckley,

I must inform you, your site is excellent. I went to //www.rumford.com/plans.html and reviewed all. The photos are very clear and have offered me a visual education. Important for me to see the design of the Rumford. The photos have lead me to understand what one of the key problems may be, the Rumford throat.

I have attached a Jepeg of the concept sketch Fireplace Vesta. You can view the fireplace fascia opening and you will see why the throat will cause a problem or not. The important issue for me is that the composition of the Vesta fascia match the inner design of the Rumford.

Indeed, I appreciate your diligence. I am in the process of drawing up the construction plans. I will send you rough plans when they are complete.

Oh yes as of now, the materials are mahogany and brecciated redish/orange tone marble. I have recently learned that mahogany is on the endangered species list. There fore the material will most likely change, at the moment I am not clear as to what.

As well I have called Progressive Brick Co. (190 & Rte 17, south off I-80) Hasbrouck Hts, NJ. Sometime in the next week I will be visiting them to review all of the Rumford components and pricing.

Positive Regards,

P.S. Please inform me if the Jpg of the Vesta did not make it through to you.


My passion and phraseology is prosaic in comparison to yours. You write very well and get your ideas across clearly. I can see that the "jog" has to stay. And I really like your "primordial connection".

To be realistic, however, I feel compelled to tell you that the metal fireplace guys are winning and Heat-N-Glo does make some pretty nice fireplaces. Maybe you follow up with them on a line of "Sort of High End" fireplaces.


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