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Lance Pawlikowski AAC


Hello Jim,

You answered some questions about the Rumford fireplace this past summer and your site had the information that I used to draw out the below fireplace dimensions on graph paper and built it myself using an AAC handsaw and a rasp, except for a masonry saw that I rented for a day to cut the firebrick. I built a one piece lintel out of separate pieces of AAC block and shaped the curve for a perfect fit into the fireplace leaving a 4.5" throat opening exactly as required. It drafts really well.

The fireplace is AAC backed with a firebrick lined firebox. It's about 12 feet tall. I guess I'm pretty proud of it considering I'm an amateur, but I DIY everything whether it's wood, metal, brick or stone.

As a token of my appreciation for your site and email replies I'd like to send you a $25 check. It's not much, but it will buy a few drinks at your favorite watering hole. I know you are passionate about Rumford fireplaces and probably didn't mind replying to my questions, but regardless, I would like to do this, so please send me an address to mail the check to. I would have ended up building a Orton Rumford if you wouldn't have corrected me.


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