Buckley Rumford Fireplaces
The Fred Parker Rumford
1997 Fort Worth, TX Street of Dreams

23 May 1997

To: buckley@rumford.com
From: fparker@fparker.com (fparker)
Subject: Rumford fireplaces in the Street of Dreams

Dear Jim Buckley,

I am writing to tell you a little bit of information about our home that was featured in the 1997 Street of Dreams in Fort Worth Texas at the community of Mira Vista. Our home featured two Rumford fireplaces, one in the formal dining and one in a game room.

There were a total of (8) homes in the competion and only (3) won any awards at all, and of those we won 4 awards.

We took: Best of Show - Public, Best Architecture - Professional, Best Architecture - Public, Best Interior Design - Public.

We have included a link under our supplier section to your page. We also have a page dedicated to the Street of Dreams on our web-page at http://www.fparker.com.

I am including a picture of the Rumford in the formal dining room and a front elevation of the home.

Thank you for a wonderful product.

The Fred Parker Company
4313 Frazier Ave.
Fort Worth, TX. 76115
817 921 0223 fax 817 921 9181

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