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Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005
From: "Atle "
Subject: Regarding fireplace of unknown type and origin, located in Oslo, Norway

Dear Sir/ Madam

I found Your website regarding fireplaces and are cuorius about this specific fireplace, shown in the 4 attached photos.

This fireplace is located in a house from 1864. The house is now taken down, and I try to collect some information about the fireplace.

I,ve lived in this house for about a year, and did not really like the fireplace in the start, due to a lot of smoke in the house when used. Now, after cleaning the pipe :-) , its the heart of the house.

What I think is fantastic about the fireplace is the construction, since the heat/ smoke goes up on the right side, then under and up again on the left side, and then finally leaves in the back. This makes it a very nice fireplace, bringing that unique heat to a very big, unisolated house in frozen Norway. This old construction is, as far as I can see a lot smarter than any fireplace I've seen in this country.

The fireplace has a gold paint on some details and are more or less in a god shape. Probably it needs to be restored anyway.

I hope that You, or maybe somebody You know, can say something about the age, origin and any other information about this fireplace.

My options is to take it down and keep it for a possible later use, or simply sell it. The house will be taken down within 3 weeks i think:-(

I will take imidiate action if further photos are required to give a statement.

Hope to hear from you...

Atle R┐rdam(Roerdam)

Postadresse/Postal adress:
Boks 2145 Grčnerl┐kka
0555 Oslo
Mobil (47)98077487

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