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First Fire

48" Rumford Fireplace under construction
Decorative Cooking Fireplace


Hi Jim--

Attached is a pic of the first fire in the Rumford. We left the andirons in there for decorative purposes but they were not needed. We are amazed at how well it heated the room and how well it draws. I am also amazed at how well it burns without a grate to hold the logs up off the ground. We had a local guy weld up the fireplace screen and as you can see it fits perfectly.

thanks, Terry


Hi Jim--

Here are two pics of our fireplaces. The active Rumford side and the decorative walk-in. We are real happy with the result. We still have to fabricate the chimney cap, but the stove pipe aligned perfectly with the beams and roof trusses. The chimney cap will have two caps as well--one for the Rumford and one will be fake, but made to look like the real one. I ended up with one extra 4' section and one 30 deg bend, so I guess I'll need to store them in case we ever need a spare. But thanks for all of your help--it took some work, but it all worked out.

Terry and Michelle

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